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Fell off!

So, I haven’t posted on here in quite some time, nor have I even been recording my food.
My eating habits lately haven’t been the greatest – not that I’m eating bad food, im just not eating enough at all.
I think I just got frustrated with lack of progress and results. I ate the way I’ve been told by numerous people to eat and yet I keep gaining and not losing. Nor is it even an option that it’s muscle being gained. So I’m making changes. Ive talked to various women of which I respect greatly about their thoughts on eating paleo and they all seem to have said the same thing. Paleo doesn’t help women with losing weight or being a monster in the gym, it maintains and makes you fertile. I thought about this quite a bit and have realized that most people i know that eat paleo have very little changes and most just look the same. One person I spoke to did strict paleo for 9 weeks and gained a lot of weight. She went back to her regular eating ways and has lost about 14 pounds with it. She is strong as fuck. Strict press at 120# and a 5×5 overhead squat at 105#. We have very similar body types and we seem to react the same way to most foods. I’m going to try eating more similar to her for awhile and see what happens. The eating is still clean but I’m adding back in whole grains while consuming a lot less fat.
I feel like I’m going to get some backlash on this, but I need to do what’s going to work for me and at this point paleo is not the answer.

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