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Last day of school before reading week thankfully! Although, for some reason it felt like the longest day I’ve had yet!

Food for today: (Not the best today)

Breakfast – ohh slept in and had to run out the door for school. Coffee 🙂

Lunch – ground beef mixed with sausage, romaine lettuce used as tacos, salsa

Dinner – just wasn’t super hungry. Blue corn tostitos, homemade gauc

Snacks – 4/5 cutie clementines, banana, 2 cups of green tea

No workout today, felt too tired. 

Need to up my water intake as well. Rachael suggested adding some sea salt to my water to help retain the water and keep my hydration levels up.

Starting a new nutrition program next program, so as I was told this is my weekend to completely enjoy myself food wise 🙂 Even though, I’ve been given the go ahead to eat whatever I want I don’t think I will stray to far from what I’ve been doing. And then it’s a solid two weeks of nothing but veggies, meat, and good fats!  Maybe some extra potatoes in there yumm! New workout program too. Continuing with my strength routine, but adding in some more conditioning to it. Wanna be looking fly for Costa Rica!

Also took all my measurements today and picture from the front, behind, and side. Yowzas! Have to make it into the gym tomorrow to do some benchmark workouts for the new program too!

Team Christina, where have you been?!

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