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Day 2 – Other goals!

Slept in way past breakfast!

Lunch – 4 poached eggs, cheese, 2 slices of bread with butter

Dinner – will be! Duck and one green pepper, 2 small potatoes with sour cream

Snacks: yogurt with granola, chocolate fudge tart

No workout tonight! Coaching the kids program at Element tonight, so that will equal to lots of running around chasing little monkies!

Other goals I want to focus on!

I decided in order for this challenge to be most effective for me I have a couple other things I need to work on outside of the gym and kitchen! throughout this challenge (and after!) I will also be working on the following:

  • Getting to bed at a reasonable time (11:30 at the latest)
  • Eating breakfast EVERYDAY!
  • Keeping all my school organized
  • Keeping my room nice and tidy!
I’m also going to start tracking when I get to bed and wake up etc!

Will switch my dinner if it changes!

We’re off to a strong start ladies! Let’s keep it up!

One response

  1. 4monthstoa6pack

    Those are great additional goals. Keeping track of sleep is always good when you know you haven’t been getting enough!

    February 9, 2012 at 12:23 am

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