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Day 1

Day 1 Love

Food so far, just so I don’t forget:

Breakfast 3 eggs, one banana

Lunch: HUGE spinach salad with green peppers, tomato, cheese One orange

Dinner: Giant spinach salad with green pepper, tomato, cheese and chicken breast

Workout –

Back squat – 5×45, 5×135, 3×165 3×1 185

Bench Press – 5×45, 2×65, 2×85, 2×95, 1×105 failed at 115

I hate bench press, it’s my only left where the weight never changes


SO, my workouts this week will be very minimal and seem very pointless when you read them. I’m competing this weekend at Variety Village in Toronto, can’t over do anything to risk injury or DOMS 🙂

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