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April 12th and 13th KITCHENER CROSSFIT!!

April 12th


50 Pull ups

400m run

21 thrusters  65#

800m run

21 thrusters 65#

400m run

50 Pull ups

For time – 19:35


DIED! Don’t even know how else to explain that one. Legit. Died. Surprisingly enough the thrusters were my break. Apparently my cardio needs some work. Time to focus on pull ups and get them to a stronger level.


April 13th


Hello Kitchener!

So I was in the area and decided to drop into Crossfit Kitchener (crossfitkitchener.com) What an awesome bunch in there! They really embody what the Crossfit community is all about. They are such a welcoming and warm gym. I loved every second that I was there.

Kitchener was a completely different set up then what I am use to. They are very structured, everyone warms up together, starts together, cools down together. It was a nice change of pace. Although it did take me out of my comfort level as I kind of have my own way of warming up and cooling down.


10min AMRAP

15 Burpees

10 Overhead Squats 65#

5 Pull ups

4 Rounds plus 15 burpees and 4 overhead squats.


10min Static Holds

Hold each position as long as possible, do as few rounds as possible

Bar hang

Wall sits


Don’t know where this one ended up but I know I had nothing left in me to give at this point, but felt a nice stretch hanging from the bar.


My Burpees were on fire today, which was a change of pace. It was the overhead squats that did me in. I just don’t have that range of motion yet.


I really liked these workouts the past few days, gives me a good idea of where my focus needs to be.


Bring on ‘Helen’ tomorrow…. Dun dun dunnnnnn


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