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April 2nd – Ripped hands!

Eeek gads! I over did myself on Tuesday, probably shouldn’t have done that WOD but really felt the need to. Thursday we went to the gym, but my body was just worn down to end still. I brought my little brother with me and destroyed him! Haha! Let’s just say he doesn’t want to go to the gym with me anytime soon!
I did learn that night that I do love coaching and teaching. I can’t wait to get all my certifications done!

Today, I was running behind schedule and was a little late to the gym. I jumped right into a quick workout with Aaron

100 Wallballs
75 Pullups
100 Situps.
For time

Not sure on my exact time, but it is around the 35min mark. Disappointing but a WOD to come back too. My wallballs and situps were fast, but the pullups ruined me. I had a hard time grabbing a bar and setting up – that in itself took a lot of time up. My hands ripped about half way through as well. I tried to fight through but it was miserable. See picture below.

Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂

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