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March 29th 2011 – I’m BACK

Today marked my first day back to the gym in full gear. Stitches came out and I’m melanoma/cancer free at this point. Regular check-ups are in order, but all is well. I also got my blood test results back. I was told that they were ‘textbook perfect’ Good ol’ paleo.

I left my book at home today so I just kind of went with the flow of things today.

Back Squat – 5×45, 5×75, 5×105, 5×125, 5×145, 4×155

Power Clean – 5×65, 5×85, 3×95, 3×100, 1×105

I was happy with today’s strength work. It was nice to come back to such solid numbers and a PR on my cleans


5 Clean to Thrusters 65#

15 Squats

5 Ground to Overhead

15 Jumps 12″ above reach

5 Rounds

Finished 16:08

I died  Probably not my best choice ever.

Crossfit – 1 Cancer 0

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