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March 10th 2011 – Reality

Last nights workout was:
5 Power Hang Cleans 85#
15 Deadlifts 85#
20 Situps
4 Rounds
I used just one bar and the deadlifts were just way to easy. Cleans were hard as it was day 3 in a row of doing them.

Pullup/Pushup Progressions
1:00 – 1 pullup
2:00 – 2 pushups and so on
7 rounds.
So tired from last workout. Pushups were solid. I switched pullup bands from the thick green down to two purple ones. Pullups are still a work in progress

I felt great after the workouts and wanted to keep going, but I knew my body had enough.

I’m going to plan a couple WODs to do Saturday. I will be going extra hard Saturday as I know that I have the biopsies and that will put me out of commission for a week or two.

The reality of this started to hit me quite hard today. I broke down slightly during my sisters talent show, but hid it well I think. I went to work after that and people could tell something was wrong. Good thing it was a busy day and I was distracted well. I lost control though driving home, I just couldn’t stop crying. I know if its not Melanoma, its still cancer.

I need to focus on my diet though, as I really haven’t eaten in 2 or 3 days. My doctor thinks paleo is a bad idea going through this ordeal, so I questioned Robb Wolf about it. Robb Wolf is amazing, he’s been answering my questions with speed. He’s going to put a post about low-carb, low-protein diets, ketogenic to be exact. I will post the link as soon as it goes up

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