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March 9th – Melanoma????

Squats 5×75, 5×105, 5×125, 3×2 155
Felt really heavy, so I’m going to keep at this weight again until I have 3×5 strong.
Cleans 3×65, 5×85, 3×95, 2×100
I was having some issues with the 95s, but corrected that. I decided to just go for the 100# just to see. Sure enough I got it first attempt and second attempt no problem. It actually felt really strong. Excited to do it again tonight.

500m Row – 2:14

I wasn’t really feeling on my game tonight, but I knew I needed to be at the gym tonight. I had my doctors appointment to figure out what was going on with those marks on my skin. He is 95% sure it is melanoma. I go back Tuesday for a couple biopsies. Getting these biopsies means cutting into my back and getting stitches, which limits me at the gym. Even if it’s not melanoma it is a form a skin cancer. It scares me to even associate that word with my body.

Ohh, my mamma. She's a pretty lady.

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