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March 8th – Back at It!

I just wrote out a good post and forgot to save it! Aah schucks! Here goes round 2!

I feel like I haven’t been at the gym in so long. I’m getting stuck trying to balance the gym with work, Aaron, and Aarons school. Aaron has his gym days set as Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Depending on my schedule I try to hit Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. But my schedule doesn’t stay the same, so I try to squeeze the gym in there as much as I can without sacrificing Aaron time. – don’t get to see him as much as I would like too and half the time we have together is spent at the gym..

Todays Strength

Back Squat
3×75 4×105 3×125 3×5 145
Old 1RM was 145#

3×110 3×140 3×160 5×180
Old 1RM was 170#

Power Clean 85#

It was an early morning. At the gym for 6:30ish. I dropped Aaron off at the airport for 6. His work told him yesterday he was going to California until Saturday. So.. I won’t see him again until Sunday night, as I work all this weekend. I didn’t think I would be as bothered as I was when I dropped him off. I’m glad I went to the gym on my way home. It was where I needed to be 100%. I don’t find myself dependent on him whatsoever but I feel like it gets harder and harder to be away from him.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment at 1:15. My doctor find a couple odd marks on me that she thinks may be signs of skin cancer. So, I need to get that checked out and taken care of right away.

Job fair as well tomorrow. I’m really hoping to find something with a consistent schedule.

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