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March 2nd 2011

Back Squat
5×75 5×105 3×5 135
Squats felt strong. They aren’t hurting my knees as much lately. I’m getting excited of these sets of 5. We did my crossfit total a couple months back and I 1RM my back squat at only 145#.
5×45 5×55 3×60 3×55
Presses are so hard for me. Today was supposed to be 3×5 60n but I just couldn’t get it to go. I really struggle with these and it frustrates me
5×45 5×75 5×85 3×5 90
I’m going to keep my weight the sane for next time on my cleans. I really need to focus on getting my elbows up quickly. Everything else is so solid.

10 Rounds for time
10 kettlebell swings 50# (1.5pood)
15 pushups

I found that the more into the rounds I got the faster I moved. Just over a minute per round – I’ll take it :).

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