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Feb 27th 2011

Todays workout was:
Back Squat – 3×45, 3×75, 3×105, 3×5-125#
Bench Press – 5×45, 5x65n 3×5-75#
Deadlift – 5×75, 5×105, 5×125, 5×145

Kettle bell Swings 50# x 25

The program I am following is the Starting Strength program by Mark Rippotoe. I don’t follow it to the T. I use the lifts that he uses but my own weights. Day one I found a heavy set 5 and now I’m just adding onto those. 5# onto everything except deadlift I add 10#.
Aaron and I are sitting down today to figure out some more specific goal and for pretty much everything. Once I hit these goals we will go from there on whether or not to stick with this program.
I think its time to start throwing some more cardio in with rowing, skipping and running. I’m going to re-do my baseline workout as well in a couple weeks to see where I sit with that.

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