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Feb 24th 2011 Goals

Today consisted of  back squat, press, and cleans. Again working to a 3x5RM

Back Squat finished with 115#

Press finished with 55#

Cleans finished with 85#

Kettlebell Swings 50# 15-10-8  15 sit ups in between each set

I’m focusing on setting short term goals as I find I get discouraged when I don’t see results.

Strength Wise

Power Clean 105# Currently at 97# 1RM

Deadlift 195# for 5RM Currently at 170# for 5RM

Press 80# Currently at 60#

Snatch 70# Currently at 55# for 5RM

Also looking for other pull up programs if anyone has any to share or different tips and techniques.

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