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Feb 22nd 2011

It’s all about strength right now. Let’s get back on track and figure stuff out.

Working to 3x5RM

Back Squat – finished at 3×5 110#

Deadlift – finished with 3×5 135#

Bench Press – finished at 3×5 70#

Add 10#to deadlift and 5#to back squat and bench press next week. My squats don’t feel heavy, but my knees don’t want to co-operate with me. Need to figure out how to build my strength back in them.

Pull-up progression are getting annoying. I have yet to knock that green band. We are at 10×5. Tonight went 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-4-4. Just missed out on 2. Thursday will hopefully be the last day with the green band.

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