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Feb 8th and 10th 2011

So – for some reason my body has decided to shut down on me. I’ve just been so drained and just want to nap. My joints have been sore, especially my shoulders. Knowing me I decided to just go ahead with the planned work out. I jumped back on board with my Olympic Lifting program.

Snatch – 35#x3, 45#x3, 45#x3, 45#x3, 35#3

While going through those my shoulder was hurting when I started and I eventually stopped at my second set of 45#.

Went on to do 20 pull up progresssions with a green primal band and called it a day.

Feb 10th 2011

Same as Tuesday my body still hates me.

I tried to just jump back into my program, but still same as before.

Cleans – 70#x3, 80#x3

I finished these rounds but still as sore as could be.

Went back to pull up progressions, did 30 with the green primal band.

Finished the day off with back squats – 75#x3, 85#x3, 95#x3

I’m starting to get frustrated, as I know I can back squat double of what I was doing. My body just wasn’t agreeing with me.

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