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Feb 3rd Workout Plan

Feb 3rd marks the start of my new strength building program. This program focuses a lot on the more difficult Olympic lifts including squat cleans and snatches.

Snatch @ 75% 1 set of 2

Snatch @ 80% 1 set of 1

Snatch @ 85% 2 sets of 1

Clean and Jerk @ 70% 1 set of 1

Clean and Jerk @ 75% 1 set of 1

Clean and Jerk @ 80% 2 sets of 2

Front Squat @ 80%, 85%, 90%, 95& all at 1 set of 1

So, the idea of this program is to focus on strength for 8 weeks and then the last 4 weeks you are supposed to peak. Aaron and I are going to work this program together. I just need to find my max snatch and front squat. Right now my max clean and jerk is 95lb solid. I’m a little resistant to this program, the low reps and sets throw everything off for me. Aaron did the program before and knows that it works. What have I got to lose?

On top of this we are throwing in double-unders, rowing, and running once the weather starts to get better. Saturday will be my last day of a planned metcon. Lukas and I will be heading to Cambridge Crossfit to take on their team challenge!

Stay posted for workout results and meal plan for the day 🙂

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