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Feb 3rd 2011 Meal Plan

Alright, so I decided not to get out of bed this morning and sleep in. My body was drained and I was off of work so why not?? With that being said there was no breakfast today haha. I got out of bed, got ready and went directly to the doctors office. We spoke briefly about my diet and nutrition. To say the least she is concerned. She says my diet contains to much fat and that I’m missing out on a lot of essential vitamins and such. She doesn’t understand the paleo lifestyle at all and thinks cutting out glutton and dairy is a miserable idea. I know have an appointment with a nutritionist next week, I will be bringing along my copy of the Paleo Solution.

Todays food intake so far is:

BACON (I love bacon…a lot), scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil with mushrooms – Breakfast/Lunch mmm That was a large meal, bugger then I usually make haha

To follow that meal for an early dinner/pre workout meal we will be having:

Ground beef mixed with sausage meat with a green pepper and a red pepper and possibly asparagus if I have any laying around 🙂 Post workout will more then likely be some tuna yumm!

After the gym though there will be mass amounts of cooking – going out of town from Friday until Sunday and will be surrounded by terrible terrible food choices. So I will just have all my stuff ready for the weekend and then I have no excuses 🙂

Workout results will be posted on the last threads comments 🙂

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